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Join Mountain Flyers

Mountain Flyers is glad to be accepting new membership applications! Please fill out the application and background check forms to be considered for membership.  Rates and insurance information can be found below. 

Initiation Fee


Background Check


Monthly Dues


Aircraft Availability

The club uses "Flight Circle" to reserve aircraft.  Use the link to view the schedule!

Hourly Rental Rates:
Cessna 172 Skyhawk

N7103G - $135

N1644E - $148

Cessna 182 Skylane

N759GF - $195

N9440X - $195

All rates are per Hobbs hour and include fuel and insurance

Flight Instruction

Mountain Flyers is proud to have many CFI and CFII pilots in our club! To learn more about our instructors, please visit our Flight Instructor page.  You must be a club member to receive flight instruction in club airplanes. 

Insurance Information
Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Open Pilot Warranty:   Any member having a Student Pilot certificate or more advanced pilot certificate who has been specifically approved by the named insured prior to any sole pilot in command (PIC) flight.

Cessna 182 Skylane

As above terminology adding, “and who has logged a minimum of 10 flight hours in a Cessna 182 prior to any intended sole pilot in command (PIC) flight.


$500 Not-in -Motion each claim / $1000 In-Motion each claim.


$1,000,000 Combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage but with the passenger liability limited to $100,000 per passenger.


$5,000 per person / $20,000 per occurrence.

 ALL student pilots must be under the direct supervision of a properly certificated and rate CFI

ALL student pilots must have the appropriate logbook endorsements prior to the intended flight.


In addition to the comprehensive insurance coverage provided by the club all members are encouraged to supplement this with their own renters insurance.  Policies are available through either AOPA/Assured Partners or AVEMCO for an approximate cost of $100 annually.

Renter's Insurance
The Downside of Not Having Your Own Aircraft Renter's Insurance
By: Marci Veronie, Avemco Insurance Company, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
What are the "exposures" pilots face when operating a non-owned aircraft?

The most obvious is damage to the rented or borrowed aircraft itself (Aircraft Damage Liability or ADL). If the borrowing or renting pilot causes that damage, there is a strong likelihood that she or he will be held responsible, if not by owner of the aircraft, then by the owner's insurer through a process of "subrogation".  The insurer will seek to recover the amount it has paid out to the owner, and the owner will want to recover his or her deductible.  If ADL coverage is purchased, it can pay for loss of use when the flight school or FBO loses revenue when it is unable to rent the airplane during the repair process. 

Less obvious, but potentially much more serious, is bodily injury to passengers and people outside the aircraft.  Another exposure often overlooked is damage to the property of others - including other aircraft, hangars, cars, runway lights, houses, crop fields etc.

The exposure most frequently overlooked, however, is not the injury or damage caused to others, but rather the cost to defend oneself from the litigation that arises out of the accident.  It's a scary prospect to face a plaintiff's attorney alone, and an expensive prospect to find and fund an aviation-savvy attorney out of your own pocket 


Club Application

Background Check

All applicants are required to pass a background check.  The form can be downloaded from the link below.  Please sign and send to:

Rocky Flemming -

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